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michelle obama is mark the one-year anniversary of her let's move initiative appearing on live with regis and kelly this morning to talk about ways working moms and families can eat healthier. then the conversation turned to valentine's day. >> what would a good gift be that the president can give you? >> jewelry. >> you can't go wrong. my birthday was the 17th and it is christmas. so by february 14th, we are kind of tired. >> but is he essentially a romantic man? >> he is. >> he has got a lot on his mind. he is busy. >> he remembers dates. he doesn't forget a thing. even when i think he is i will have a little attitude -- >> you give him attitude. >> i do. >> sure, give him a little attitude. >> but he always comes through. >> so the president is romantic. they are the first couple. and it is true, jewellry always goes over well. >> i have even found when you say you don't want jewelry you still do. >> you do. >> it is code for you should go get it. >> right. >> it took me two years to figure that out. >>> all right, a little bit of light snow moving in tonight. it is the same system tha
. >>> well, president obama and other world leaders are calling for calm in egypt. government supporters attacked the antihosni mubarak kennel administrators who have been marching for days. this is a live picture from cairo where you can see the fiery aftermath of new fighting there tonight. joel brown is at the white house where the obama administration is calling for a stop to the violence and for egyptian president hosni mubarak to step down now, sooner rather than later. >> reporter: it is some of the fearest fighting since the upheaval and has forced the white house to ask for calm and change in egypt. the streets of cairo erupted into an all-out battle for egypt, the two sides hurling rocks and bricks, even fire bombs which lit up downtown streets. chaos after supporters of president hosni mubarak road in on camels and horses attempting to break up the uprising. this president should stay and finish his term says this pro- government protestor. tuesday president hosni mubarak pledged to step down in september instead of running for election but protestors want him out now and the
the flames broke out. her husband is a senior aid to president barack obama and leaves behind three children. >>> some of washington's wealthiest citizens decided it's time they were armed. hundreds of people in the city's safest and most affluent areas have registered handguns. more than 1400 firearms have been registered with police since the supreme court struck down. dc's handgun ban 2 1/2 years ago. among those, nearly 300 are in georgetown, the palisades, and chevy chase areas, and 240 firearms have been registered east of the anacostia. derek has reaction. >> vincent gray says he is a strong proponent of gun control laws and he is troubled to know more people are buying guns in the city. asked today about the guns being purchased in the wealther cities. gray recalled a story from his childhood. >> when i was a child, my father used to keep a gun in the house many, many years ago in the apartment we lived in. my parents went out and my brother, who is a mechanical genius and he used to like to tinker with things, and he got the gun and he was cleaning the gun and i was standing right
. >>> @obama held his first news conference of the year. he unveiled his budget plan, now republicans have blasted the president's proposal for its record trillion dollar deficit. $1.65trillion deficit and for the fact it doesn't cut social security or medicare spending. >> i'm confident we can get social security done in the same way that ronald reagan were able to get it done by parties coming together. making some modest adjustments. >> the president presented a budget dripping in red ink. more red ink than we have ever seen in the nation, in the history of the nation. >> we're broke. it's time for us to get serious about how we're spending the nation's money. >> with both sides seemingly far apart on next year's budget, house republicans are slashing $60 billion in spending. >> a new highway that cause add storm of controversy for decades in our area finally is ready for some traffic. >> the first segment of the intercounty connector is scheduled to open a week from today weather permitting. and today we had a sneak peek of the section that runs from shady grove road in gaithersb
over power. a wide celebration in egypt. here in washington congratulations from president obama. >> there are very few moments in our lives where we have the privilege to witness history taking place. this is one of those moments. >> reporter: but there was also a word of caution from the president who at times has struggled to balance the need for stability in the region and loyalty to a key ally with support for democratic ideas. >> i'm sure there will be difficult days ahead and many questions remain unanswered. but i am confident that the people of egypt can find the answers and do so peacefully. constructively. >> reporter: but concern for the future is on the back burner tonight as tens of thousands are dancing and shouting, some even lighting torches in the capitol central square and even the soldiers joined the party. the egyptian military which never intervened during 18 days of protest now controls the country. and that last could be a problem, lesli. president obama very careful today to praise the egyptian military for acting what he calls patrioticcally. the list of
of the libyan people and president obama is consulting other world leaders on a package of sanctions to punish libya's government for the crackdown on protestors. >> we are initiating a series of steps to pressure the regime in libya to stop killing its own people. >> reporter: the u.s. also alerted libyan officials that it is suspending all embassy operations there. those announcements come as hundreds of americans evacuated from libya arriving in malta today. militia loyal to moammar gadhafi keep firing. the dictator is still defiant and vows not to surrender and ordered his supporters to keep on fighting. president obama will meet with u.n. secretary general in washington on monday to talk about the situation which as of now continues to escalate. anita? >> all right, derek, i will take it back. thank you. >>> unrest may be thousands of miles away but americans are feeling it here at home with the prices that we are paying at the gas pumps. the average price of regular unleaded here in the district rose 6 cents overnight to $3.24. i should say those are the prices in the dc area. and the na
on them. then"" word. president obama with 666 scrawled across his forehead. >> i think that one is probably the most disturbing for me. >> reporter: and a picture of the holocaust museum shooter with the word hero next to it. >> maybe they think they can get away with it. you never know. >> we are all government workers here and to come and park and see something like that on the meter is horrendous. i was very insulted. >> reporter: these federal employees walked up and down crystal drive ripping off the stickers from several multispace parking meters. we found this one still stuck to the back of a crosswalk sign. >> so you know someone is disturbed who is doing this. >> it is always a legitimate concern. >> reporter: randy says believe it or not the stickers have been around for the past six months. >> hitler stickers started showing up about the same time that the gay stickers stopped showing up. >> reporter: still, these government workers say they will be watching their backs just in case. >> i think it is a sick person making a threat. but then again with this day and age,
can always be reminded of. : president obama's budget is drawing fire from both sides of the aisle. republicans and some democrats say it doesn't do enough to address the country's growing debt. derek mcginty is live in the newsroom with reaction. derek. >> president obama said his plan will trim a trillion dollars from the deficit. but republicans, of course, want much deeper cuts. the problem is, nobody really agrees on where those cuts come from. a few hours after that $3.7 trillion budget got up to capitol hill. the president was pitching his plan at the parkville middle school. that's just outside baltimore. president obama said the country does have a responsibility to commit more money to areas that will have it compete against other nations and he emphasizes, education is a big example. >> even as we cut out things that we can afford to do without, we have a responsibility to invest in those areas that will have the biggest impact in our future. >>> the president pledged to work with lawmakers of both parties to come up with a budget that shows better fiscal discipline. n
the uprising began a week ago. >> is this an evolution. >> the obama administration has walked a diplomatic tight rope with its egyptian ally. a special envoy said his presidency is at an end. u.s. officials are pushing for what they call an orderly transition. earlier tuesday, the state department ordered nonessential u.s. personnel out of egypt. pressure to reform is mounting on other arab states. the king of jordan and the palestinian authority say they will soon hold elections that have been delayed for years. mubarak will use his final days in office to ensure a peaceful transition of power. i'm joel brown, anita, back to you. >> associated press reports the u.s. opened talks with a successor to president mubarak. mohammad al baradi. >>> for all of you that hated those scanning machines that the tsa installed, they heard your cries. today they unveiled a new version that can expose the bad guys without exposing you. derek mcginty is here with more. >> lesli, tsa administrator himself was out to unveil the new technology at our own reagan national airport. the goal, restore passenger c
their largest demonstration since tuesday. joel brown is at the white house where the obama administration is working fervently to find an answer to the crisis. >> reporter: president obama says egypt leaders should listen to his people who again loudly made their wishes known. tensions in cairo's central square took a calmer turn friday. a more festive scene. dancing chanting demanding president hosni mubarak to leave now. blocks away military in tanks pushing back pro-hosni mubarak demonstrators headed to the square. they chanted hosni mubarak will not leave. but the army prevented them from getting there. ten are dead, over 800 wounded now. with fears that the violence could spark again soon, the white house has been working quietly with egyptian officials to satisfy the protestor's main demands that hosni mubarak leave immediately. >> there needs to be a transition process that begins now. that transition must initiate a process that respects the universal rights of the egyptian people and that leads to free and fair elections. >> reporter: the administration is discussing a plan for h
of walking up to the palace. in this country, the obama administration has been supporting the demonstrators. no reactions yet to the speech officially. they were hoping that mubarak is ready to resolve the situation. they must, like those crowds in cairo, surely be disappointed. back to you. >> hey derek, you've been looking at those clouds. the vice president spoke a short time ago, telling the people gathered to go back to your houses, your work. don't listen to the satellite station. can you tell, it is after midnight there, whether anybody has left tahrir square since he made those remarks? >> reporter: you know, it is hard to tell because of the camera angles we have that are limited. i'll tell you this, that is not the man they are focused on. suleiman is a copy of mubarak, someone with him for many years. as far as they are concerned, they want mubarak out. yet nothing that suleiman says won't make a difference if mubarak says i'm going to stick around. >> all right, thank you. >>> our brittany morehouse is at the egyptian embassy here in washington, joining us live here with the lat
obama is calling for a new era of cooperation between his administration and the business community. >> in the first speech to the chambers of commerce, he proceeded corporate america to get in the game and spend profits creating jobs. alexis christoff for ross has the story. >> maybe if we brought over a fruitcake when i moved in we would have gotten off to a better start. >> reporter: they had a rocky relationship the last two years now both sides are looking to work together. >> i got one message. my message is now is the time to invest in america. >> reporter: president obama argued businesses have a responsibility to help the u.s. economy. he called on executives to start using the nearly $2 trillion on the balance sheets to create jobs. the president pledged to help american businesses compete with a change in the corporate tax code and a push for more exports but he warned that shouldn't translate into more record wall street profits and big bonuses. >> they have to be shared by american workers who need to know that expanding trade and opening markets will lift their standar
this morning as joel brown reports, white house officials are condemning the killing. >> president obama was awakened by this news before dawn at the white house. this was not the ending anyone here had been hoping for. friends and family were in mourning after the deadly ending hostage drama. >> i'm overwelmed with sadness for what has happened. she certainly didn't deserve it, nor did scott or the other couple. >> they were shot and killed by their somali captors. since then, four u.s. warships have been trailing the vessel. according to the pentagon, there were negotiations for the hostages release, but tuesday morning, the pirates fired a grenade and gunfire was heard on the yacht. by the time a u.s. special ops team got on board, it was too late. >> despite immediate steps to provide life saving care, all four of the american hostages died of their wounds. > president obama gave the green light to use force against the pirates if the lives of the hostages were in danger. this morning, the president and other u.s. officials were informed of the shootings. >> we will honor their me
but the obama administration is calling for calm. >> the united states strongly opposes the use of violence and strongly supports reform. that move towards democratic institution building and economic openness. >> reporter: take a look at libya. a day of range declared against the long time leader. four people were killed when demonstrators clashed with progovernment groups. in yemen they opened fire on activists. in egypt there have been arrest s on suspicion of corruption. >> this is such a country in transition. where does the u.s. stand on the current situation in egypt? >> reporter: hillary clinton said she was directed that aid money be sent to egypt and officials from here will go there in the next week to talk about how the united states can be of assistance during this, as you mentioned painful transition. anita. >> derek mcginty, thank you. >>> the former presidential advisor who was found murdered in a delaware land fill will now be buried with full military honors at arlington national cemetery. john wheeler iii was found dead in trash at a land fill on new year's eve. this show
. >> hundreds have died with government clashes in libya and tonight, president obama is condemning the violence. here's more. >> tonight, there are signs perhaps that the libyan government could be in some serious trouble. libyan's own ambassador are calling for moammar gadhafi to step down and the justice minister has resigned to protest the excessive use of protest. take a look. this shows the planting of their own flag of independence right in the city of tripoli. and they are claiming to have taken ahold of the second largest city in libya. two military planes -- planes landed nearby. they are seeking asylum. the pilots claim they were ordered to fire on protesters. they didn't want to do it. and and-- the chaos is sparking large-zale operations -- large- scale operations. some private companies like bp are pulling their workers out of libya as well. back to you. lesli? >> thank you. >> do zero-tolerance policies at our kids' schools go too far? >> the fire of a high school player who submitted suicide is demanding change. >>> also ahead, doctors develop a procedure that uses stem cell to r
:00. >> don't balance your budget on the backs of union workers. that was the message from president obama to the country's dispute causing a storm of controversy in wisconsin. that center around a republican led push to end collective bargaining agreements for public workers. >> i don't think it does anybody any good when public employees are denigrated or vilified or their rights are infridged upon. >> the governors are in town for the governor's association meeting. >>> protesters who spent the night in wisconsin's capital are vowing to stay there as long as they have to. governor scott walker is planning to deliver his two- year budget plan tomorrow afternoon. he has said the plan will help make clear his plan to end most collective bargaining rights for public employees and the fact that he thinks they are necessary. >>> new numbers are out tonight showing alexandria has the highest hiv and aids rate in northern virginia. the alexandria commission reports the infection rates are more than three times hire than the commonwealth average. widely available testing may have driven up the
to strike down a major element of president obama's health care reform law and to do it now. the attorney general said it makes sense for the supreme court to consider the challenge to spare states and the private sector expenses related to the law as this moves through the courts. the fourth u.s. circuit court of appeals is set to hear the case in richmond on may 4 to may 10th. >>> state legislatures refusing to here the king's dominion law. opening schools for labor day will take away a major part of the workforce and many customers they argue. both fairfax and prince william county had expressed interest of beginning school in late august. >>> forcing virginia officials to scrap plans to build high occupancy toll lanes on a six- mile stretch of highway inside the beltway on i-395. >>> so the state will now build the so-called hot lanes only on a 29-mile stretch of the i-95 corridor. arlington county officials had sued to stop the project which would allow solo drivers to pay to use lanes currently reserved for car poolers. county officials worry that incentives to use car pools would
. joel? >> reporter: anita, lesli, we talked a lot about next year's budget and president obama unveiled his he spending plan earlier this week. but they have unfinnished business with this year's spending plan and they are armed with the budget ax. the debate has been nonstop in the house. each side taking a turn in the sparring over spending. >> we are looking at making cuts that are important and need to take place. >> budgeting is a serious process. and what we are doing this week is unserious at least. >> reporter: pointing to looming federal deficits house republicans want to slash $51 billion from this year's budget reducing money amounts in every from education to everything else. democrats saying it is going too far. >> we are not going to make it in america if we don't invest. >> reporter: both sides are digging in their heels but something has got to give. if congress can't pass a plan that the president will sign by next month, the federal government runs out of money. and shuts down. kansas republican pat roberts saying the gop is taking a stand. >> saying we mean what we sa
in the middle east. and president obama is condemning the violence and response to the prodemocracy protestors. he is calling in the government of the countries to show restraint but as charlie d'agata reports today's demonstration took another deadly turn. >> reporter: in behran they fired at protestors marching. they were mourning fellow protestors killed in thursday's predawn raid. paramedics trying to help the injured. and the wounded say police action won't stop the protests. >> they will not. they will not. they will make it bigger. >> meantime in cairo egyptians once again converged on tahrir square this time for a victory celebration. it has been one week since ousting president hosni mubarak and the hundreds of thousands that gathered today want to make sure the government delivers on promised reform. >>> firefighters just put out a brush fire in anna rundle county. route 100 this afternoon is where the flames broke out. smoke seen for miles. crews are on the scenes. no reports of injuries. >>> talk about a gorgeous friday. topper, i understand some high winds are about to usher in bi
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